Do's and Don'ts for Bisexual Women When Dating Bisexual Men

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If you are a bisexual dating a bisexual man there are a few things that you need to know, and honesty is the basis for all good relationships, and without open and honest dialogue our relationship probably won't last. Bisexual men will have suffered from rejection by being open about their sexual identity. This is to be expected because some people can't handle it, but it says more about them than about you as a bisexual man.

Creating Trust

Whether you are bisexual or gay, creating trust with a new partner is extremely important. If you have entered into a new relationship and have made a commitment you should honor it. The relationship may or may not last, however, trust is important and you will soon know whether you want to continue in the relationship or not.

Bisexual Men and Women

Suppose you are involved in some bisexual chat and are talking honestly, you will both know that both bisexual men and women often suffer from anxiety and depression due to their lifestyles and feeling different. As a couple, you may be very good for one another, and your relationship might even progress. In many cases, bisexual couples lead a committed life with one another. In the past, they will have had similar problems, and often have a lot in common. Don't listen to the gossip of friends and enemies, just continue to build your relationship.

Bisexual Dating

Talk about everything, just because you are bi, it doesn't mean that you don't want children. It may be a bit premature to discuss this in the first few weeks. However, gauging the attitude of the other person is essential. Everything is on the table in a relationship, and it is great to have these sorts of conversations early on, then you both know where you stand. Safe sex is very important so have that conversation before you have sex.

Don't Offend Your New Partner

Just because you are dating a bisexual man, don't assume he is attracted to everyone. In reality, most bisexual people are only attracted to a few others. Other people may become jealous of your new relationship, and some women or men might say ' you know you are dating a gay man.' Well, you know better than that, so don't dignify this comment with an answer. At best this type of comment is rude and intrusive.

Successful Relationships

Some of the best relationships are between bisexual couples dating one another. The main reason is that they understand one another in a way that a straight person couldn't. It is like any other relationship, and once you iron out the differences and have some bisexual chat, you may well go on to form a lifelong partnership. Every relationship needs a bit of space to develop and grow. So to create that level of required trust, spend a little time apart.

The Bisexual Couple

Looking at our extended group of friends, most of us would know a couple who are possibly bisexual. Unless this was disclosed to you, you would never raise it in conversation, as this would be rude. Some of these relationships last longer than a straight couple, as bisexual couples probably have a lot more in common with one another. One does not need to have any past sexual experience to identify as Bi. As a community, we work towards understanding and embracing the differences found in different sexual orientations.

If you are looking for a Bisexual Dating Partner

You will probably meet them on a dating site where you can indulge in some bisexual chat, just to see if you are suited to one another, just like anyone else would. All the better if you have some interests in common or even some friends. After you have met a few new friends, you will feel a lot more comfortable with your way of life as a bisexual person and you will realize that it is much more common than you think.

Uncommon Bisexuality Statistics

  • nearly 13% of women between the ages of 18-44 say they are attracted to both men and women.
  • 1.8% of men between the ages of 18-24 identify as bisexual.
  • When asked about sexual attraction, 6% of men say that they are attracted to both sexes.
  • A survey in 2009 showed that bisexuals were tolerated only slightly more than IV drug users.
  • Bisexual men are more likely to use 'meths' than the rest of the population
  • Abused children are six times more likely to become bisexual.
  • Australian data shows that both men and women who are bisexual have a higher suicide attempt rate than others.
  • Nearly half the men who are aggressive to same-sex behaviors experienced arousal when shown pictures of naked men.
  • Bisexual teens often have suicidal thoughts.
  • Women who have sex with both genders have a higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer.
  • Nearly 50% of bisexual males under medical care, are not expected to reach their 65 birthday.
  • 6 out of every 10 bisexuals don't fit into true bisexual behavior definitions.
  • UK statistics showed that 7% of men had a sexual experience with another man at some point.